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A certified electrician and a well-experienced handyman will help you :
*Repair/replace socket, switch, fuse
*Assembly and installation of chandeliers and other lights.
*Replacement and repair of light bulbs, LED lamps and other lighting elements.
*Diagnostics/repair/connection of various household appliances and electrical equipment.
*Check of existing electrical installations, emergency works and instal a new electrical instalations
*Diagnosis and prevention of damage.
* Low current assembly works.
* Electrical measurements:
- Insulation resistance measurements;
-Loop-phase-zero measurements;
- Resistance measurements of grounding
- Thermographic measurements
-Electrical installation inspection;
- Grounding test
Preparation of documents for goverment demands.

Household works
*Adding or replacing curtain rods, blinds.
*TV, Projector mounting on the wall or ceiling.
*Installation and fixing of paintings, clocks, decorations and other decorative elements of rooms.
*Furniture disassembly, assembly and repair.
*Assembly and installation of various shelves, furniture or their parts.
House repairs:
*Alignment of walls, floors
* Puttying
* Laminate flooring.
*Assembly of baseboards
*Installation/disassembly of interior doors
*Faucet installation, replacement, repair.
*Washing machine and dishwasher installation/repair
*Cleaning/changing the siphon.
* Changing water filters.
*Installation, maintenance
cleaning, repair of electric water boilers.
*Hydrophore adjustment, maintenance, repair.
*Other unnamed small repairs of premises.
I have all the necessary tools for the above-mentioned works!
I give a guarantee for the completed work!

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