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Mariia I.

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My name is Maria Iva, I'm a marketer with a graphic designer function.
- Identification of CA profile and the ability to communicate with the audience in their language.
- Collecting and analysing data.
- Maintaining Instagram/Facebook social media groups
- Creating a content plan (on-demand for the month/week)
- Designing the visual part of the profile (processing photos, working with photos of the customer, working with applications for the creation of visual content).
- Creation of profile header- Creation of actual stories and design
- Storymaking (storytelling in social networks) Creation of templates for stories, creation of columns and their design, creation of gamified stories to increase coverage through audience interaction with the stories.
- Advertising profile with bloggers with the appropriate target audience, setting up targeted advertising for the target audience.

- Checking the landing page (Instagram/Site/Facebook) Giving recommendations on what to fix to prepare the account for advertising, or fixing it myself)
- Defining customer profile
- Development of advertising strategy
- Selection of suitable advertising platforms
- Competitor analysis and market
- Planning budget and proper allocation of it (allocation of budget for advertising testing as well as the main campaign)
- Setting up, running, testing and optimization of the advertising company. Scaling the best bundles, and disable those that don't work.
- Analysis of the campaign results (evaluation of traffic quality, audience response
- Creation of effective advertising creatives of the required size.

Work with photos/video

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